8 Things You Need to Prepare Before You Travel in Winter

Winter holidays in the mountains are always special since you get to experience the whitewashed hill slopes and snow collected over conical trees and sloping roofs of houses. Many travellers in Australia undertake the Falls Creek tour during May and June to indulge in skiing and enjoy the spectacular beauty of Mother Nature.

There are numerous Falls Creek lodges that take care of the massive inflow of tourists during these months. However, along with Falls Creek winter accommodation , you also need to pack these eight essential requisites for your holiday.

1. Booking A Top-Rated Resort

The first thing which you should do after planning a winter break at the Australian Alps is booking a top-rated Falls Creek ski accommodation according to your budget. Pretty Valley Alpine Lodge, Astra Falls Creek, Karelia Alpine Lodge, and Huski Hotel are some excellent Falls Creek lodges offering you every assistance for a highly successful and enjoyable ski holiday. They also provide complimentary meals and necessary gears while skiing on the mountain slopes.

2. Pack Enough Winter Clothes

Carry sufficient winter clothing, as the weather remains harsh and it can snow at any time. Jackets, woollen vests, gloves, and thermal innerwear are a must for winter travel.

3. Water-Proof Backpack

Since it can snow at any time during the winter, carrying a water-proof backpack would give you the freedom of venturing out carefree without worrying about the climate.

4. Thermos Flask

A thermos flask always comes in handy in cold weather. It offers you the freedom of sipping hot coffee or hot chocolate while exploring tourist spots. If you miss it in your packing, you can also hire a temporary one from your Falls Creek ski accommodation.

5. Sunglass

Do not have a misconception that sunglasses would be of no use on the snow-capped hills. On the contrary, the sun can be harsh, and the glare can cause under-eye tanning if you do not wear protective sunglass during your winter trip.

6. Comfortable Shoes

Carry at least two pairs or comfortable shoes for trekking in winter. It would keep your feet protected during long treks. Ensure that the shoes have lining inside to keep your feet snug and warm.

7. Umbrella and Raincoat

As already pointed out, it can snow anytime during winter. Or, you may have to contend with sleet. So, raincoats and umbrellas will prevent you from getting wet.

8. Moisturiser

Cold weather can be tough on the skin. Apply a generous coat of the moisturising lotion on the arms, neck, and face before venturing out to keep skin problems at bay. Also, the central heating at your winter accommodation can dry up the skin. So, you can keep this issue at bay with a good moisturiser.

These are the top eight essential things which you should pack before travelling to Falls Creek winter accommodation.

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