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Families that are traveling with their children need to plan well as the location can make a big difference in how the children view the vacation. Falls Creek is a stunning location that has a number of children-friendly accommodation that is sure to excite the kids and ensure that they have the best time.

During your holiday at a children-friendly accommodation at Falls Creek, the lodges will ensure that there are enough activities and programs to keep them on their toes while having the best time of their lives. Some of the most popular features are briefly mentioned below so that you know what to look for.

After dinner activities
Many children complain about adult after-dinner activities to keep themselves occupied; the same can be done for the children, as is a normal feature for vacation loads to ensure that the children feel included and enjoy.

Snow sports and activities
Snowboarding or skiing can be a lot of fun, and for children, the best way to learn a sport is to try it. The lodges usually provide all equipment for safety and to make certain that the children get their fix of adrenaline for a memorable time.

Movie nights
Movie nights are special for children, at any time; most reputable children friendly lodges Falls Creek have movie cinema rooms that can accommodate a crowd for an enjoyable and exciting movie watching experience.

Hired winter wear for the ill-prepared It is possible that children forget to pack the essential warm jackets and pants for the winter vacation. In such cases, the lodges provide free, ready to hire clothes that can be rented for the day, making the vacation absolutely hassle-free and relaxed.

Outdoor heated pools
To top off the luxurious vacation, the best feature is the outdoor heated pools while looking at the spectacular scenic view of the mountains. This is something that the children thoroughly enjoy; children can experience and enjoy the simplest pleasures, making these perks of booking a holiday in Falls Creek unbeatable.

The family accommodation Falls Creek that you choose should not just offer these features, but can also exceed in some cases to offer an unforgettable time for vacationers and holidaymakers.

Falls Creek, a scenic ski resort at the Victorian Alps, hosts a range of thrilling activities during the snow season. The area experiences about 160 inches of snowfall, and boasts of 92 runs for an action-packed winter break. Book Falls Creek winter accommodation in advance for enjoying attractive early bird discounts.

Here is a list of 12 activities that you can consider while booking a winter holiday at Falls Creek lodge accommodation.

1. Pete the Snow Dragon Show :- The Snow Dragon Stage Show is especially meant to entertain tiny-tots staying at the Falls Creek ski accommodation. Kids enjoy swaying to beats of songs and dance and love interacting with Pete during the performance.

2. Bungee trampoline :- This bungee jumping event takes place at the heart of the village bowl. Adventure lovers enjoy adrenaline-rush while performing the activity.

3. Snow bikes :- Indulge on a thrilling snow bike ride while sliding on a ski trail. The snow-capped background will surely enchant you throughout the tour.

4. Snow tubing :- Go for a spin, bounce, and bump in the snow tube located at the village bowl near the Falls Creek winter accommodation.

5. Tobogganing :- Fun-loving vacationers can take part in the downhill exhilaration of tobogganing with friends and family.

6. Snowman making competition :- Participate in the snowman making competition to show off your creativity. The fun-filled contest takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays near the Village Bowl.

7. Snowmobile tours :- If you wish to explore the surroundings of the Falls Creek ski accommodation, indulge in a snowmobile tour either alone or with an experienced guide.

8. Summit sunset tours :- Witness the alpine sunset with the summit sunset tour held at 5pm on Thursdays during the snow season.

9. Nordic snow shoe tours :- Snowshoe tours are unique ways of exploring the secrets of the alpine environment.

10. Bocce on the snow :- The Village Bowl hosts exciting Snow Bocce games on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can hire the equipment from the activities desk at Falls Creek Sports Centre.

11. Kiteboarding :- Indulge in kiteboarding on the snow for a memorable experience at Falls Creek.

12. Nights shows :- Watch expert skiers, boarders, and Kassie operators perform before you at the night show in the Village Bowl.

These are the 12 winter activities that you can enjoy when you decide to stay at Falls Creek lodge accommodation.

Are you looking for a top-rated Falls Creek lodge accommodation? Are you confused about whether it is better to opt for a lodge with spa or without it? If these are related to you, then you can follow the advice to hospitality experts and book a lodge with a spa for excellent healing and relaxation during the vacation. Continue reading to know about the advantages of Falls Creek accommodation packages with a spa facilities.

What is a SPA?
SPA, or Sanus Per Aquam, literally means “Health through water”. In these locations, visitors undergo healing and beauty treatments under the supervision of skilled and qualified therapists. It helps in restoring the balance of the system by utilising water in the form of mineral, muddy or ice baths.

A Falls Creek accommodation with a spa also offers seaweed therapy and sea salt peeling for an enriching experience. At this point, it is worth pointing out that a spa treatment not only enhances the cosmetic beauty of individuals. It aims at rejuvenating your system by eliminating toxins and improving your blood circulation.

Advantages of indulging in spa treatment
Detailed below are the top benefits of undergoing spa therapy at the Falls Creek lodge accommodation.

Helps in de-stressing
The prime advantage of a spa treatment is that it helps in reducing the stress level through soothing massages and aromatherapies. After a hectic day, exploring new destinations during a holiday, a spa session can help you rejuvenation for another action-packed day-outing.

Improves sleep
Studies have established that a spa therapies promote excellent sleep by naturally relaxing your senses. Massages and toning treatments help in calming your mind and nourish your system.

Relieves muscular and joint pain
Travellers can experience muscle or joint pain during thrilling skiing or snowboarding session at the mountains during a Falls Creek holiday. In such a scenario, booking a spa session in the evening will help you reduce body aches by activating optimal blood circulation.

What should you look for while selecting an accommodations with a spa?
If you book Falls Creek accommodation packages with spa facilities, ensure that the therapists have undergone professional training at reputed institutes, the management maintains the location hygienically, and aromatics oils and other ingredients get procured from credible vendors. During the first appointment, encourage the masseur to explain you in detail the benefits of the treatment, and the changes you can expect after the session.

These are the benefits of booking a Falls Creek accommodation with spa that you can enjoy and are not available at an accommodation that does not have a spa.

A winter holiday at Falls Creek, in the Alpine National Park of the Victorian Alps is an excellent means of stealing a break from the mundane routine life. You just need to drive for 350 kilometres from Melbourne to reach this scenic ski resort in Australia. Nestled close to Mount McKay, the site is a paradise for snowboarders and ski lovers. However, if you are a fitness freak, then it is better booking a Falls Creek accommodation with a swimming pool. It will offer you ample opportunity to work out in the evening to get rejuvenated for another mind-blowing ski session the next day. Here are four advantages of having a swimming pool at the family accommodation in Falls Creek.

1.Working-out in all weather conditions
A heated swimming pool is a fantastic place to work-out at the Falls Creek winter accommodation in any weather condition. Even if the climate is not favourable for an active skiing or snowboarding session, you can take care of your fitness by splashing at the pool. The warm waters make swimming fun and relaxing experience for young and old alike. It soothes your body and improves blood circulation. Many visitors acknowledged that they have an excellent sleep after hitting the pool before bedtime.

2.Keeping kids busy during the holidays
If you are on a family trip at Falls Creek winter accommodation; then pool activities can be an excellent means of keeping kids and toddlers busy throughout the day. The top-rated family accommodation in Falls Creek employs skilled and experienced staff taking care of age-appropriate entertainment activities for kids. They often plan exciting splashing games near the pool.

3.Barbeque party near pool
Many holiday-makers love to host a barbeque party near the pool. It is a fantastic opportunity for mingling with friends and extended family members during the vacation. Honeymooners can also ask the management for arranging a romantic poolside dinner for love-birds. Raising a glass of sparkling champagne and mouth-watering delicacies at an idyllic setting would make your spouse fall in love with you all over again.

4.Convenient pool hours
Having an in-house swimming pool offers guests the privilege of working out at any hours of the day. Since the pool remains open for long hours, you may either opt for swimming in the morning for kick-starting the day or indulge in a post-dinner workout for a perfect ending of the holiday mood.

These are the four advantages of booking Falls Creek accommodation with a swimming pool. Conduct detailed online research and come up with the best lodge in the Victorian Alps for a long-cherished holiday experience.

Booking travel accommodation can become a daunting and challenging task. When you lack the knowledge, booking accommodation for your trip can make you miserable. Thankfully, you do not have to worry as there are a few questions you can ask the hotel and yourself to ensure you choose the right Falls Creek family accommodation during your next holiday.

So, without much ado, here are the 10 questions you should not shy away from asking.

1. Are you okay with sharing your bathroom with complete strangers?
This is the first question you have to consider while booking travel accommodation. You have to make sure that the chosen accommodation will offer private bathrooms to you if that is what you want. You may not be comfortable sharing your bathroom with other hotel guests.

2. Which kind of breakfast facility do you want?
When you are selecting travel accommodation, you have to determine whether you want to self-cook or get dining service at your chosen Falls Creek family accommodation. It may be cheaper to cook, but after a thrilling day of skiing, cooking will be the last thing on your mind. So, make sure that you opt for a place that offers room service or dining options.

3. Will you go with private or shared rooms?
This is a question that you will have to keep in mind while booking Falls Creek lodge accommodation. According to your desire and requirements, you can go with private rooms or shared rooms if you are a solo traveller. Private rooms are preferable as you get the privacy you seek, but shared rooms are easier on the pocket.

4. Is the staff at the accommodation friendly and professional?
You have to make sure that the staff of the chosen travel accommodation is friendly and co-operative in nature. If you want to get pleased every time by the service of the staff, make sure that they are trained and have the right knowledge about hospitality and guest service. This is one question you should ask before you book your Falls Creek accommodation packages so that you have a memorable stay.

5. Have you checked online reviews?
You should never forget to read online reviews submitted by previous guests. It will give you a much better idea about the accommodation and whether it is the right choice for you. If there are too many complaints, you will be better off choosing another place.

6. Are you getting additional space?
You also need to determine whether the travel accommodation is offering some extra space to you in the rooms or not. This is especially true if you are travelling in a large group. Many places offer additional mattresses for no or nominal charge. That could be a good option if you have smaller kids.

7. What is the noise level while sleeping?
You should also know how much the level of noise will be when you are staying in a resort or hotel. Usually, if the accommodation caters to young people, you can expect it to be noisy. On the other hand, if it caters to more matured guests, it will have a quiet and soothing ambience.

8. Is parking facility available at the hotel or resort?
If you intend driving to your Falls Creek lodge accommodation, parking is imperative. So, make sure your chosen accommodation has parking that is safe and secure.

9. Where is the travel accommodation located?
You need to determine that the location of the travel accommodation is close to the slopes so that you can get to the ski lifts without any hassle. It should also offer easy access to other nearby attractions if any.

10. Can you get free Wi-Fi or internet?
It is possible to get free Wi-Fi for internet access facilities in most of the travel accommodation you will pick. Therefore, you cannot afford to miss this vital thing while booking travel accommodation. You can check this out while you are shortlisting Falls Creek accommodation packages.

These are the 10 most essential questions to ask the hotel and yourself when you are booking travel accommodation.

Ski holidays are undoubtedly a popular choice for family vacations and Falls Creek is often looked up as one of the best places to go skiing. With Falls Creek ski accommodation rated as one of the best when it comes to family accommodations, there is no doubt to the fact that the place sees several tourists throughout the year, especially during the peak season. Night skiing is an out-of-the-world experience here and if you have not yet looked for family accommodation in Falls Creek that arranges night skiing, it is time you look over again.

Why should you consider night skiing in Falls Creek?

Over the last few years, the concept of night skiing has evolved and today there are specific Falls Creek accommodation packages that are particularly designed for those interested in night skiing. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should give this a serious thought.

1. Night skiing gets you better deals.
If you are looking at Falls Creek ski accommodation for night skiing, you would realise comparing that night skiing is far cheaper than the regular skiing packages. Most resorts and accommodation options view night skiing or evening business as a bonus so if you book rooms for your night ski holiday, you are sure to get some great discounts.

2. Night skiing is less crowded.
If you are someone who does not like too much crowd then night skiing is ideal for you. Most people on a vacation to Falls Creek tend to look for family accommodation in Falls Creek for a weekend getaway, which usually has a day allotted to skiing. This implies there are hardly any tourists who would opt for night skiing.

3. An Enchanting and memorable experience.
In most cases, winters in Falls Creek have beautiful and clear night skies. Skiers can experience these perfect night conditions during their night ski. There is also a completely different charm of skiing under the stars, which is a memorable experience for a lifetime.

Night skiing is a completely new look at the joy of skiing. Of course, to make the experience truly cherished, it is important to prepare yourself well, ski with a buddy and be mindful of the cold climate. With these aspects well noted, enjoy night skiing at its very best!

What Specialties Does Every Lodge Need for Ski Trips?

Speciality lodging at Falls Creek plays a crucial role in the success of the ski trip. Holiday experts recommend you to go through the portals of each hotel in detail, and also check the reviews posted at popular travel websites before selecting the ideal accommodation. A well-maintained hotel with incredible services from trained and experienced staff can help you enjoy a memorable holiday. Here are some of the features which you should keep in mind before booking at any Falls Creek ski accommodation.

Free Rental of Ski Equipment

Visitors mostly travel to Falls Creek in winter to indulge in snowboarding and skiing on snow-covered slopes of Mount McKay. The location has 1110 acres of skiable area with more than 92 runs. The weather department records almost 160 inches of snow every year in this place. There are hardly any tourists who would like to miss the fun of skiing and snowboarding on the mountain. However, if you need to carry the equipment from your house, then it would be a cumbersome affair. In this scenario, if your Falls Creek ski accommodation provides you free-rental of skiing equipment, then it can save you much of the worries and woes. Check the terms and conditions of the speciality lodging at Falls Creek to enjoy a great deal.

Falls Creek accommodation with Spa

Many visitors get tired after a day-long excursion at the mountain. A relaxing aroma massage in the evening can be an effective way of relieving the muscle aches and tiredness. However, it may become challenging finding the best massage centre in the alpine ski resort in short notice. Booking Falls Creek accommodation with spa facilities would help you enjoy a fantastic evening with a soothing body massage. Check the amenities of hotels before finalising the accommodation at Falls Creek.

Entertainment Programmes in the Evening

The best hotels in Falls Creek should offer age-appropriate entertainment programmes for all the members of the family. A children recreation centre for kids along with an in-house restaurant and a pub for grownups would help guests enjoy the evening during the ski trip. Some lodges also remain equipped with an in-house movie theatre showcasing latest movies in numerous genres. In this way, visitors would never experience any dull moment during the stay in their property.

These are some of the specialities and unique features that should be present in every Falls Creek ski accommodation.

Winter holidays in the mountains are always special since you get to experience the whitewashed hill slopes and snow collected over conical trees and sloping roofs of houses. Many travellers in Australia undertake the Falls Creek tour during May and June to indulge in skiing and enjoy the spectacular beauty of Mother Nature.

There are numerous Falls Creek lodges that take care of the massive inflow of tourists during these months. However, along with Falls Creek winter accommodation , you also need to pack these eight essential requisites for your holiday.

1. Booking A Top-Rated Resort

The first thing which you should do after planning a winter break at the Australian Alps is booking a top-rated Falls Creek ski accommodation according to your budget. Pretty Valley Alpine Lodge, Astra Falls Creek, Karelia Alpine Lodge, and Huski Hotel are some excellent Falls Creek lodges offering you every assistance for a highly successful and enjoyable ski holiday. They also provide complimentary meals and necessary gears while skiing on the mountain slopes.

2. Pack Enough Winter Clothes

Carry sufficient winter clothing, as the weather remains harsh and it can snow at any time. Jackets, woollen vests, gloves, and thermal innerwear are a must for winter travel.

3. Water-Proof Backpack

Since it can snow at any time during the winter, carrying a water-proof backpack would give you the freedom of venturing out carefree without worrying about the climate.

4. Thermos Flask

A thermos flask always comes in handy in cold weather. It offers you the freedom of sipping hot coffee or hot chocolate while exploring tourist spots. If you miss it in your packing, you can also hire a temporary one from your Falls Creek ski accommodation.

5. Sunglass

Do not have a misconception that sunglasses would be of no use on the snow-capped hills. On the contrary, the sun can be harsh, and the glare can cause under-eye tanning if you do not wear protective sunglass during your winter trip.

6. Comfortable Shoes

Carry at least two pairs or comfortable shoes for trekking in winter. It would keep your feet protected during long treks. Ensure that the shoes have lining inside to keep your feet snug and warm.

7. Umbrella and Raincoat

As already pointed out, it can snow anytime during winter. Or, you may have to contend with sleet. So, raincoats and umbrellas will prevent you from getting wet.

8. Moisturiser

Cold weather can be tough on the skin. Apply a generous coat of the moisturising lotion on the arms, neck, and face before venturing out to keep skin problems at bay. Also, the central heating at your winter accommodation can dry up the skin. So, you can keep this issue at bay with a good moisturiser.

These are the top eight essential things which you should pack before travelling to Falls Creek winter accommodation.

Vacation is the time when most people plan to explore new places. Nowadays it is not just a trend but a necessity. A vacation trip helps people to forget about their work stress and monotonous routine. People get a chance to spend quality time with their loved ones on vacation trips. Together, they create memories for life. Family trips are the most exciting ones where everyone is there and have enough time to talk and spend together. Everyone wants to plan the best vacation so that they can make it memorable. Especially, when there are kids and toddlers involved people plan their vacation more consciously so that they and their kids can enjoy the vacation without any difficulty. Here are a few thoughts which every parent have while booking accommodation:

1. Easily Reachable Place:

The resort or hotel has to be easily reachable so that they do not have to walk a lot. People with kids do not prefer to travel in public transport a lot. Also, kids can’t walk for long and it is hard for parents to carry the luggage and kids at the same time.

2. Elevator option available:

Most parents prefer to choose accommodation with lift services so that their kids do not have to climb the staircase. Stairs can be dangerous for little kids as they can fall and get injured.

3. Special food options for kids:

Accommodation has to be flexible when it comes to ordering food for kids. There is no fixed time of hunger for kids. They can ask to eat something any time of the day. The hotel restaurant should provide that.

4. Special sitting and sleeping arrangements for kids:

Normal restaurant chairs are not appropriate for kids to have food. The restaurant should provide chairs specially designed for kids so that they can sit at the level of the table. Same with the beds. Children need beds with a railing so that they do fall off the bed in their sleep.

5. Good staff to deal with kids:

The staff has to be children friendly and not rude. Hotel staff must have patience when it comes to kids. Kids like soft-spoken and smiling people. Parent want their kids to feel free and not horrified in the hotel with everyone.

6. Playhouse for children:

Special playing area for kids is highly appreciated by the parents. Children cannot sit idle for hours. They need to play and interact with other kids. Playhouse and special play areas let the kids play with other kids. Most Falls Creek family accommodations offer this service.

7. Must provide babysitting:

A hotel which offers babysitting service is the most preferable one for people who have kids with them. They can go to a concert or for any specific activity which kids are not allowed to do. It is easy to find children friendly accommodation at Falls Creek which offers this facility.

8. Ready to take customized orders:

Toddlers have specific needs when it comes to their food. Most parents look for specialty lodging in falls creek which can take special food orders for kids which is not in their menu. This kind of flexibility attracts most parents.

9. Children friendly rooms:

Accommodation with children friendly rooms are highly asked by parents. They cannot adjust in small rooms with a kid. It requires more space when people share a room with their children.

10. Children friendly crockery:

Sharp, glass and heavy crockery are not children friendly. Kids can hurt themselves when the crockery is not chosen accordingly. Good quality plastic plates will be good for kids as they are lightweight and unbreakable. Before booking accommodation, most people clarify this thing when they have kids with them.

Are you looking to spend your upcoming holiday with your family? Well, then Falls Creek is the best place to visit to have fun with some adventure.

There are some amazing family accommodations at Falls Creek . Vacation is one such time when you want to just relax and have those quality moments with your family.

Enjoy ski during the day and warm yourself up at the bar in the night. Falls Creek lodge accommodation provides the best bar in the town along with comfortable rooms.

Here are three reasons to spend your family holiday at Falls Creek.

1. Play-

Go for snow riders with in-house ski services. The in-house snow riders will help you to save time and make the most of each day. After you are done with snowing all day.

Just relax at the hotel room with your family or warm up in the hot pool. You might be feeling cold after the long snowy day. So just warm up in the sauna.

2. Accommodation-

King Size Rooms-

  • Well, normally a king size room will have the following facilities.
  • Accommodates two guests
  • King size bed
  • Side chest and drawers
  • Hanging Space
  • Reading Lights
  • Controlled Central Heating
  • Hanging Space
  • A private balcony with wonderful views of the vistas

Bunk Rooms-

  • Here are a few Bunk Room facilities-
  • Accommodates Two Gates
  • Two Single Beds
  • Chest of Drawers
  • Hanging Space
  • Double Room With Small TV

3. Party Hard-

You can party your heart out at the oldest club in Falls Creek accommodation . Enjoy some great food with drinks at The Cock ‘N’ Bull pub in Falls Creek. The pub has traditional English prices with beer on tap. The vintage piano, intimate wood panel booths, authentic bars and two comfortable snugs all add to the ambience.

There is a special menu for kids. If you are too bored to sit at the bar, it is important that the takeaway menu is available between 5.00 PM and 10 PM. You can enjoy barbeque roast chicken with some homemade seasoning, a family size homemade pie, fish & chips and more. Enjoy these relishing snacks with some booze at your room.

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Pretty Valley Alpine Lodge

If you are looking for Falls Creek accommodation then Pretty Valley lodges offer a wide range of facilities and activities to keep the whole family entertained.